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Monthly Archives: June, 2001

“I’m a man, you idiot!”

“Nobody’s perfect.”

June 28, 2001 · Leave a comment

Accursed skull meat! End your incessant synapsing!

Last night, for whatever reasons, I was overcome by waves of Deep Thought that I still don’t feel I was ready to deal with. In particular, I was moved to … Continue reading

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British authors who are horses, and who therefore have mouths.

Aha! The secret to longer journal entries is to leave the journal alone for awhile, and then write down all of all the Life Experience you’ve been hoarding in one … Continue reading

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Cracked a bottle against the side of the ship.

Evidently, you christen things–claim them for Christ–by breaking a bottle of alcohol against them. (This is never, ever, ever to be confused with a baptism.) While I’m not an avid … Continue reading

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