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Monthly Archives: January, 2003

Finances! Flee!

Today, my company went 401k on me. Now I have to start making investment decisions and things like that. I’d like to think that it’s my general bohemian world views … Continue reading

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Five Days in Pacific Standard (Part Two).

As I was saying… January 6, 2003 Tumbleweed’s Big Mean Brother / Where Reality Goes to Die / Rome Rebuilt in a Day / Appetite for Repetition / Forbidden Back … Continue reading

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Five Days in Pacific Standard (Part One).

Before I begin transcribing my traveling log [1] from my recent vacation to Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I want to raise a glass and toast the murder charges brought … Continue reading

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The Moops!

Yesterday, during a six-hour orgy of lounging around, I managed to play the new Trivial Pursuit “The Last 20 Years” edition. Three observations, and then no more mention of the … Continue reading

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