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Common Taxonomy.

I don’t know if this dream was prophetic.

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News & Guts & Gumption.

A yearning to wander into a newsman’s office.

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My element.

My relationship with stillness.

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Sang Freud.

More stories from my subconscious.

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The rebounding records of my dream state.

Your Chicago Bulls attending your Chicago theater companies, in my Chicago subconscious.

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Chalk outlines of the subconscious mind.

Thoughts and dreams during a storm on a tour in Atlanta.

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Contest! Sorta!

All wordsmiths out there in Reads My Journal Land, I’m instituting a contest to come up with a word that best fills in the following blank space: ________, (n), a … Continue reading

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Somewhere deep in my head is some kind of guardian that maintains even my imaginary integrity. At some point in this entry, maybe I’ll even give it a name. I … Continue reading

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Zapruder Trial.

So…interesting dream I had last night, one of the first truly interesting ones that I have been able to remember in recent months. I’m at a birthday party for one … Continue reading

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