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Zero Picture Deal.

The elevator pitch for the tentpole journalism movie of the summer.

December 19, 2012 · Leave a comment

“The Tale Told Heart.”

In which a donated heart lodges a formal protest.

April 4, 2012 · 2 Comments

Present Memory Passed.

A memory as clear as a film strip.

October 6, 2011 · Leave a comment

What God hath wrought.

On a broken heart that united the world.

July 2, 2011 · Leave a comment


“You expect to react with horror, of course, because a plane crash is horrific, a mess of tangled steel and broken limbs, the crater it leaves, the stench of jet fuel ablaze.”

August 14, 2010 · Leave a comment

Size and Shape and Other Characteristics.

“And in the meantime we will have to endure CNN and its experiments in the limits of question marks.”

May 22, 2010 · Leave a comment

Rage, rage within the saving of the light.

Thoughts on time’s fluidity.

March 13, 2010 · Leave a comment