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Monthly Archives: July, 2002

Scrapbook ’em, Dano.

Below is the complete text of the first theater review mentioning anything I have written, slightly reformatted for clarity. (Chicago Reader, July 19, 2002) ****** CUT TO THE CHASE, Artistic … Continue reading

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Reunion Kingpin.

In a strange series of coincidences, I mentioned the name of a missed actor-friend of mine (see previous entry) and was promptly rewarded with not only an out-of-left-field comment from … Continue reading

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They’re DOGS! And they’re playing POKER!

Two separate thoughts that have been in my head today. 1. I miss Vince Scalabrino. This is his actual name, and he doesn’t know I’m using it here, because he … Continue reading

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Seven days without food makes one weak.

I looked over my day planner and realized that I am in the middle of a very busy eight-day stretch. Saturday was the day before my father’s birthday, but since … Continue reading

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The semantics of wind, sail, and other quirks of the English language.

This was supposed to be a single sentence long, saying only that I’m feeling listless and unmotivated. Then, what happened was, while I considered what to title the entry, I … Continue reading

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