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Monthly Archives: September, 2002

Contextual harassment.

Last week, NBC forced me not once, but twice, to re-evaluate how often I listen to two songs. The first was Tori Amos’ cover of The Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t … Continue reading

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Somewhere deep in my head is some kind of guardian that maintains even my imaginary integrity. At some point in this entry, maybe I’ll even give it a name. I … Continue reading

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The quarter.

Sunday marked the closure of the twenty-fifth year of my life. I celebrated with a low-key evening at my girlfriend’s place, conversing with friends and watching Conan O’Brien do an … Continue reading

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One day you am thank me for this. You will say “Weirdzo, you fink. You cut it off. Get lost.”

I find myself looking across time and feeling as if we’ve landed in Bizarro America. Last year at this time, we were preparing to go to war, we were gathering … Continue reading

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My imagination runs away and joins the circus.

I predict that today may see a sudden surge in blog activity, but I’m hardly an expert on the subject. An anniversary entry seems almost obligatory. For me, looking back … Continue reading

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Observations found and lost.

I’ve had several thoughts over the past two weeks that for one reason or another I decided not to update the journal with. This is nothing new, although I do … Continue reading

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