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The post-game show.

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A short speculative fiction on 2014 and 20 years to come.

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Not to go all Ken Burns on ya.

On recent history and missing history.

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Ends and odds.

Why I chased the Frisbee.

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The rebounding records of my dream state.

Your Chicago Bulls attending your Chicago theater companies, in my Chicago subconscious.

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There may be second acts in American lives, but it doesn’t mean the play is any good.

Whatever the court and the league may say, I know how I feel about Michael Vick.

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Vendetta diagram.

I’m not saying Clemens was set up. And yet.

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Partial Nudity: The Continuing Thesis on America and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

So this is what happens when you search through the library’s archive of Sports Illustrated.

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Dali is bored and the mercury in Hell just dropped another inch.

“Has the whole world lost its head / or is it just me?”

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Sharks in the pool.

Random thoughts for Wednesday: – Nothing makes you appreciate the jobs of others quite like having to do them yourself for a few days. My managing editor has been out … Continue reading

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