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Dali is bored and the mercury in Hell just dropped another inch.

I believe it was the Go-Go’s who once asked–and I mean the reincarnated, fresh off the third act of their episode of Behind the Music Go-Go’s, not the pre-meltdown bunch who gave us “Vacation” and “Our Lips Are Sealed”–I believe it was the Go-Go’s who asked:

Has the whole world lost its head/ or is it just me?

On Saturday, four American soldiers in Iraq were killed by a suicide cabbie, and Saddam, because he is an evil ratfucker, told the world that we can expect more of the same in our own countries. My parents, who informed me of this event, told my sister and I that we should be careful who we get into cabs with, from now on.

The experience of having my parents tell me to beware of Arabs was bloody surreal, that’s all I have to say about that.

Speaking of surreality and possible extra signs of the Apocalypse, the Chicago Cubs today beat the New York Mets by an eye-blinking score of 15-2. The score is the highest one for a Cubs Opening Day game since 1884.

Be afraid. I am.

Current music: Shadow People, a mix I put together today just because I wanted to.
Current track: Rufus Wainwright, “Shadows”

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