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Monthly Archives: April, 2002

Memo to Elizabeth Berkley…

You may one day awaken and find yourself replaced. By a sock puppet. And it will still do a more credible job in “Showgirls” than you managed. In fact, that … Continue reading

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Astounding discoveries!

In the past few days, in addition to the story about the perfect game of Pac-Man, I learned a few other interesting tidbits about the strange world in which we … Continue reading

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In other news…

I just discovered that, two years ago, a Florida man completed the first perfect game of Pac-Man in a New Hampshire arcade. The perfect game of Pac-Man requires that the … Continue reading

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Zapruder Trial.

So…interesting dream I had last night, one of the first truly interesting ones that I have been able to remember in recent months. I’m at a birthday party for one … Continue reading

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Bedlam Living Room.

When it rains, it pours, but I am so, so happy that the weather has gotten nice. My girlfriend and I have maintained an ongoing discussion about one day moving … Continue reading

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Everybody nosedive, hold your breath, count to five.

Yesterday, either as a result of gloomy weather or something else entirely, I felt sluggish and bleak, which made it difficult to get as much writing done as I would … Continue reading

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