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Memo to Elizabeth Berkley…

You may one day awaken and find yourself replaced. By a sock puppet. And it will still do a more credible job in “Showgirls” than you managed. In fact, that memo gets cc’d to the makers of said movie as well, except for that I can never spell their names correctly. Verhoeven and Eszterhas? Verhoven and Esterhaz? [1]

So Saturday night, in addition to having a good meal in good company, I attended a performance of the above film in a stage adaptation, using Sock Puppets. Upon exiting the theater, my legs numb from the cramped seating conditions, one of my cohorts wondered aloud how anybody could possibly describe the experience. And he’s right, I’m still not sure how to adequately describe it.

The last week has been my bid to spur the economy forward…I bought several items I needed, including a daily planner (it’s nice to finally have enough plans so as to require a day planner) and a new bicycle. The new one shall remain in my room at all times, for now, although it needs more room than I have.

Speaking of which, I am considering moving out of my apartment; although I am not yet sure if that will happen. It has less to do with my current situation than with the prospective new one.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I have absolutely no will to do anything, even this journal entry feels like a chore. I’m tired of blaming it on the weather, even if that’s the guilty party.

Current music: Ani DiFranco, “Up Up Up Up Up Up”

[1] The fact that I can never remember how to spell their names is, I think, indicative of how little regard I have for their work (even though “Starship Troopers” was viscerally entertaining).

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