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Monthly Archives: June, 2002

Author of the month in the Library of Dreams.

One of the greatest inventions Neil Gaiman had when he wrote the (brilliant, wonderful) “Sandman” comic book series was the Library of Dreams, overseen by the librarian Lucien, in which … Continue reading

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And the name of the band will be Man Bleeds Money.

Oh, what a week it has been. Last Tuesday was my official, not-as-part-of-class, debut as a performer on a Chicago stage. I and five others presented, at the Bailiwick Theater, … Continue reading

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Who was Murphy, and what yahoos granted him legislative power?

Strictly speaking, I’m not being assailed by Murphy’s Law today, which states that everything that can go wrong will [1], but I am nonetheless wearing a frown on my face … Continue reading

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Falling on my head like a tragedy.

On Friday my workload was upgraded from “Manageable” to “Chainsaw Juggling.” As such, I’m working frantically to finish everything by their staggered deadlines, barely stopping to putz around on the … Continue reading

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How monsoon is now?

Sometimes it’s nice to think that supervillains exist, if only because the bastards at large in the world today are much less colorful but much more horrifying than Dr. Octopus … Continue reading

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Locked away in a padded sellout.

While perusing–a website I found quite by accident, but which I am glad I did, it’s become an excellent resource on a national, not just regional, level–I discovered that … Continue reading

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