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Monthly Archives: November, 2002

And you may ask yourself.

A few weeks back, I went to a theatrical showing, at a University of Chicago movie theater, of the Jonathan-Demme-directed, Talking Heads concert film “Stop Making Sense.” At the end … Continue reading

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Copy Red Leader.

Update: the great Thanksgiving Day decision has been taken out of my hands by the significant emotions of family change. Donna and her family decided that it might be nice … Continue reading

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Five in front of seven.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I keep forgetting about deadlines at work, and I’m unable to figure out why. I think I’ve hit the end of my empathy … Continue reading

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A brief moment of victory.

Below is a post I wrote on Wednesday morning at a discussion group I frequent, followed by a vindicating response from another poster. Something about the response brightened my day … Continue reading

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“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.”

My friend Bryan, who spent two years of his life assisting Jeff Daniels at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, Michigan, once told me an amusing anecdote about Lanford Wilson, … Continue reading

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