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A brief moment of victory.

Below is a post I wrote on Wednesday morning at a discussion group I frequent, followed by a vindicating response from another poster. Something about the response brightened my day so much that I began to rethink my life and purpose.

Republicans to control of Congress
Bilal 11/7/2002

From the Department of Silver Linings:

I think this is a good thing, if only because it forces the Democratic Party to stop resting on the fragile laurel they were given by Jim Jeffords. Maybe now they’ll do something that sounds like a position, they’ll say something that sounds like a message, they’ll act instead of simply reacting.

The Democrats have broken my heart time and again over the past two years, and judging by yesterday’s results, I wasn’t the only one. I disagree with most Republican positions, but at least I could clearly tell what those positions were. The Dems have spent far too long explaining their position simply in terms of how it’s *not* like those of the Bush administration, and I’ve had enough of it. The Democrats rolled over on Bush’s War Powers resolutions and those of us who trusted them demonstrated our bitterness over this betrayal at the polls.

I want to see passion, I want to see fire, I want to see anger. As of this time, I only see it coming from GOP legislators, who loudly state that homosexuals are unworthy of equal treatment, who state that the environment must bow to enterprise, who state that our inherent superiority as Americans must not be challenged under penalty of death.

And yet, so few voices cried out with the same fervor that gays are people too, that our Earth must be preserved, that we are slipping further down the slope towards the course of empire. I can see in the ranks of the GOP the future Reagans, Nixons, and Eisenhowers–I can’t see in the DNC a single person who might evoke FDR or John F. Kennedy. I don’t see, right now, a single viable candidate against Bush in 2004. At this point, if the man would only run, I’d sooner vote for John McCain over Tom Daschle or Dick Gephardt.

Yesterday should be the wake-up call. Democrats have two years to rebuild a working spine.

Republicans sweep to control of Congress
Tink 11/7/2002

I am *SO* voting for Bilal in the next elections.

My reading came and went and was received mostly with positive feedback. For my part, I spent the whole time sitting in my chair listening to lines and moments being read that I wondered why I was subjecting anybody to them, and I didn’t realize until the end of the night that I’d been quivering nervously for almost two hours until I got home and my back began to tighten and cramp. Mental note: A staged reading is good exercise for the playwright.

Current music: MP3 list, Queens of the Stone Age, “Ode to Clarissa”

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