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Monthly Archives: December, 2002

Banana nut is a good muffin.

It’s only one o’clock PM on this, the last Friday of 2002. These days at the end of the year, especially these between Christmas and New Year’s, are almost completely … Continue reading

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That comes out of your pay, Cratchit.

Christmas Eve in the office and there are but four of us here. I’m only here because I said I would be, and as such, my manager left a few … Continue reading

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Thinking back.

As I walked from the trains station to work this morning, I noticed an unusual amount of fresh spit on the sidewalk. I had two thoughts: 1) Why am I … Continue reading

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“Dreams are overrated/ but they’re often underestimated.”

Update: Last Friday, a man with a thick Hispanic accent called up asking for “Christina.” Today’s subject line is a source of slight disappointment to me–it comes from a misheard … Continue reading

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Despite our protests, the bastard kept shaking the globe.

Snowing severely in Chicago for the third time this week [1], in what seems to be this winter’s almost Dubyaesque overcompensatory desire to prove that it’s Not At All Like … Continue reading

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