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Monthly Archives: June, 2003

Power outrage.

From today’s USA Today: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said yesterday that he supports a constitutional amendment that would ban homosexual marriage in this country. He is quoted as saying, … Continue reading

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Exit polemic.

Today, announced the results of the online Democratic “primary” they were conducting this week. MoveOn is an organization of progressives that was initially founded to combat the impeachment of … Continue reading

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Train of thought jumping the tracks.

What happened? This used to come so easily. What happened to the pipeline between mind and mouth and fingers, why do they no longer cooperate, why does mind have lofty … Continue reading

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Everyone knows a rant can’t move a rubber tree plant.

But I’m gonna do it anyway. In the gym locker room this morning, I saw three things on the mounted television that made me react with, in order, disbelief, mirth, … Continue reading

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Pip, pip, cheerio, all that rot.

Just received, via Royal Mail, somewhat definitive proof [1] that my writing has gone international–a program, from Vince Pham, for the production of 2 Plays, 5 Sketches . . . … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Roman Numeral.

What does it say about a civilization when the only facet of its culture that survives is its system of numerals? Consider Rome. Sure, the Coliseum still stands, but they … Continue reading

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Fraud! Fraud!

Last night, I brought Don and Danielle out to my apartment to read through Staring Contest purely as a diagnostic of sorts, to see what needed to be worked on … Continue reading

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