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Everybody’s a winner!

I was unable to definitively choose a winning suggestion to the contest I placed on this Journal 11 days ago, and so my compromise is to give everybody who entered some sort of award for their efforts.

To recap: the object was to come up with a word [1] that describes any dream that contains all the elements of a textbook nightmare but fails to actually be frightening.

The Frankenstein Award, for most creative amalgamation of two words, goes to:

Duck, for his suggestion “Horrcup.” The judges also considered using this word to describe the collision between a hiccup and belch that can occasionally occur in nature.

The Lewis Carroll Award for clever wordplay goes to:

Somebody Strange for “Dreadnot.” Bonus points for eliciting fond memories of the old G.I. Joe cartoon.

The Ow My Nose There’s Milk in My Nose Award for the entry that made me laugh out loud goes to:

Frozen Bitch, who simply wrote the word “Nugget!”

The Happy Nihilist Award goes to:

Danielle, for her response, “I vote for life. Either that or Survivor.”

And The Cheap Shot Prize goes to:

Brady Carlson, who pointed out that the imaginary noun fits the description of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Thanks to all who participated. That is, our award-winners. Don’t you feel silly for not entering? You could have had an award too. Who knows if I’ll ever do this again? Boy, did you miss out. Maybe. We’ll see. Stop giving me those puppy dog eyes. Okay, I’ll think about another contest. I said think about it, that’s all. If you keep asking it’s never gonna happen.

[1] Dan Savage, fearless love and sex columnist, has recently announced the winner of his own definition contest, which asked readers to come up with a sexual act or noun that could be attached to the name of arch, ignorant, and all-around busybody Senator Rick Santorum [R-Pa]. Like the Senator’s views on privacy rights, it’s a bit quease-inducing what the readers elected to from here on out refer to as “santorum”, so be warned. There’s also a bizarre letter from a man who experiences sexual arousal at the sensation of stinging nettles.

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