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Exit polemic.

Today, announced the results of the online Democratic “primary” they were conducting this week. MoveOn is an organization of progressives that was initially founded to combat the impeachment of President Clinton, and has grown to include several thousand active members (as well as several thousand passive members, like, most of the time, yours truly). The “primary” was essentially a straw poll, with a sweet little prize being offered to whomever took over 50% of the vote: MoveOn’s full support in the upcoming presidential race. MoveOn has a significant cash base to donate to the winning candidate’s war chest, as well as an army of volunteers who feel it is important to support whichever Democrat ends up in the position of toppling Bush.

The results:

DEAN ———–139360—–43.87%


Nobody took 50%, although Dean came close, so for now the MoveOn coffers remain uncommitted, at least until a few months down the road, when they hold another one of these “primaries.” A few thoughts on the results:

* As a John Kerry supporter, I was a bit disappointed in his showing, coming in third behind–predictably, I’ll admit–both Dean and Kucinich. Kerry began his campaign as a bit of a cold fish, and he still has to cement his position on such topics as the allegedly victorious war on Iraq, but I feel that in recent weeks, he’s started to find his voice, as well as his anger at an administration that needs a good hard roasting over the coals. It’s unfortunate for Kerry, however, that he’s arrived at the party late, I think it’s arguable that Dean’s blockbuster numbers and Kucinich’s impressive showing in this poll are a direct result of their fearless candor in the face of a White House that considers, like its imp Bill O’Reilly, the invective “shut up” to be a valuable debate tactic.

I think of the candidates we have available, Kerry is the most likely and the best-equipped to take down the Big W. Kucinich is going to be hard-pressed to find a large support base, and Dean’s shown himself to be weak on defense knowledge, which will hurt him against the hawk establishment of the Bush White House–Dean’s a firebrand, and frankly I’d support him as a Vice President, but as of this moment I feel like Dean’s ability to unload on the administration is the only trick he has, even if that trick is vital and inspiring. Kerry’s health plan is a good one, and his outreach is getting better all the time. He’s got a little over a year to build up steam, and I have a lot of faith he can do it.

But I’m an optimist by nature.

* I love that Joe Lieberman; the false, hollow Repubicrat Joe Lieberman, received less of the vote than an unnamed “other.”

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