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Monthly Archives: May, 2017

“Next to every cemetery, there’s a motel.”

Thoughts on AMERICAN GODS, S1 Ep5; “Lemon Scented You.”

Line forms to the left.

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Not saying, but saying.

Things that Toby taught me to look out for.

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“There’s no farm upstate for dogs.”

Thoughts on AMERICAN GODS, S1 Ep4; “Git Gone.”

The management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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“Your best is good.”

Thoughts on AMERICAN GODS, S1 Ep3; “Head Full of Snow.”

Terms and conditions do not necessarily apply.

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Loose lips.

He can keep a secret, when he cares to.

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Suspicious minds.

Connecting certain dots.

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“There is an art to giving a good death.”

Thoughts on AMERICAN GODS, S1 Ep2; “The Secret of Spoons.”

The following may contain nudity.

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