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Not saying, but saying.


From The West Wing, s2e18, “17 People.”

TOBY: It’s never happened before, right?
LEO: No.
TOBY: Vice President would never challenge a sitting president for the nomination?
LEO: Of course not.
TOBY: You see his itinerary for the weekend?
LEO: Who?
TOBY: The Vice President.
LEO: I don’t keep tabs on John–
TOBY: –he’s giving a speech at a semi-conductor panel; the title of the speech is “Clean Air Industry in the High-Tech Corridor of the Industrial Northeast.”
LEO: …where?
TOBY: Nashua. New Hampshire.
LEO: …Toby. Nobody, and particularly not Hoynes, would be naive enough, what I mean to say is if he’s going to New Hampshire for the reason you’re thinking he would mask it with something, like being on a fishing trip. He’d make up a benign excuse to be up there.
TOBY: I know.
LEO: So why are you concerned about the speech?
TOBY: Because it comes in the middle of a three-day camping trip to Killington. (Pause.) Why does Hoynes think the president isn’t going to run again?

From earlier this week:

“An advisory from the Louisiana GOP says that Pence is headlining the event at Cajun industries in Port Allen, just outside of Baton Rouge, where he’s also slated to hold a roundtable with small business leaders.”

No further comment.

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