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Monthly Archives: September, 2017

Reread/Review: A CLASH OF KINGS.

Thoughts on Book 2, A CLASH OF KINGS.

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Kafka Studies.

Further adventures in bureaucracy; children’s health insurance edition.

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Reread/Review: A GAME OF THRONES.

Thoughts upon a reread of Book 1, A GAME OF THRONES.

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Cumulonimbus / Central Casting.

Let’s examine how twisted the logic the film industry has when it comes to Asian representation, shall we?

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“Why, I have half a mind.”

Assorted thoughts on BOJACK HORSEMAN, season 4.

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Thoughts on BOJACK HORSEMAN: “Ruthie”.

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The hardest officiating job in sports.

In case you find yourself asked to play.

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Abuses of authority, ad nauseam.

Rotten apples and rotten orchards.

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First setting foot onstage.

In which I examine how fortunate I was to be accepted, instead of excepted.

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