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Monthly Archives: March, 2018

Department of Toxic Fandom and Technical Specifications.

Being a short work of satire based on observations of online argument, another in a perpetual and exhausting series.

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Data Sets and Second Chances.

Some current members of Congress were fooled once, and badly. Here’s a way to try and stop them being fooled twice.

March 23, 2018 · Leave a comment

Reaction times.

Why we’ve been forced to respond in this way.

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Even when you try to make sense of it, it barely makes sense.

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Alumnus pens letter to self.

Reminder to self: Nothing good will come of this.

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Deny, deny, deny.

In which heads of state say “nuh-uh.”

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Poison pen process.

Seriously, what’s the matter with some of you people?

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Purposeful constructions.

How the rest of the world lives; how we choose not to.

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