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Data Sets and Second Chances.


The horror of Battlin’ John Bolton’s return to the seat of policy is that it places the U.S. squarely on a war footing under the purview of an increasingly unstable CiC. I do not put it past President Paranoid to start a war as a means of boosting his approval ratings or ego. I do not put it past him to start a war because he simply fucking feels like it one morning. The advisors capable of stopping him have been sidelined or pushed out of his inner circle, and the room has been weighted down with sycophants instead.

I decided to research who is currently serving in Congress who also voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq in October 2002.

At that time, 215 Republicans and 81 Democrats voted AYE in the House; 48 Republicans and 29 Democrats voted AYE in the Senate.

Of that cohort, 32 Republicans and 13 Democrats remain in the House; 11 Republicans and 5 Democrats remain in the Senate.

These are their names. This is who you should be contacting to remind them that they were fools once and millions paid a price in blood and sorrow for their foolishness. Some of them are obviously entrenched in their madness and can never be reached; a few of them should know better now but ought to still be told of our expectations.

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This entry was posted on March 23, 2018 by in Action Items, History, Politics.
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