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Monthly Archives: January, 2017


Be wary of what is labeled “distraction.”

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The Larger Sandbox.

There’s a behavior you can sometimes observe if you watch a three year-old interact with a one year-old, in which the former seems perplexed at the developmental stage of the latter.

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News & Guts & Gumption.

A yearning to wander into a newsman’s office.

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Department of Natural History.

I draw a great deal of meaning from the fact that yesterday somebody in charge of the Badlands National Park social media presence decided to go rogue.

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Spirited Debate.

This morning I thought about joining the fray at the Facebog of State Senator Chris McDaniel (R-MS).

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If Katie Rich must be punished, so too must the president.

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The Cultivation of Roses.

I recommend people read Alan Moore’s V For Vendetta not because of the protagonist, but because of every other principal character in the book.

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Deathscribe: “The Sum of Your Experience.”

If you enjoy tales of dread delivered into your ears, here’s one I directed.

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Ignoring The Inaugural.

I admit, about a month ago I leaned towards the idea of decorum and tradition as far as legislators, ex-presidents, and other dignitaries attending the inauguration. I’ve changed my mind since then.

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Civic engagement.

A fencing match, sans foils.

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