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Spirited Debate.


This morning I thought about joining the fray at the Facebog of State Senator Chris McDaniel (R-MS), who has been studiously trolling the millions of people who marched on Saturday with, among other things, chest-puffing sanctimony about how the only thing they were marching for was free abortions.

I thought about reminding McDaniel that his state has the worst infant mortality rate in the nation, as well as ranking last in educational standards and child literacy. I thought about reminding him that he opposes even reasonable background checks on prospective gun owners and restricting civilian ownership of military-grade weapons. I thought about reminding him that his support of repealing the ACA without any form of practical replacement would doom more children to denied coverage and inadequate care of everything from minor illness to life-threatening disease.

I thought about telling him that his self-professed concern for children’s welfare ended at the walls of his own home, and that his use of abortion as a wedge issue has less to do with the people it affects than it does with his ability to spin it into his own sense of influence. I thought about telling him that if he had any plans to solve the issues that affected the post-birth lives he believes he’s going to be saving, he’d be working on them instead of staying up late at night scoring Unchecked Internet Aggression Points. I thought about asking him why anybody should trust the competency of a state legislator who couldn’t even get his paperwork filed in time to run for U.S. Senator in 2014, and then decided to waste taxpayer money begging the courts to make an exception for him.

Except he’s been very clear: He will not listen to you. He has no interest in having his views debated. He enjoys the attention he receives and gets great satisfaction from pushing your buttons.

Do not waste your arguments by responding directly to Chris McDaniel. Instead, if you know somebody of your own mind who lives in the Mississippi 42nd district and has an inclination to run–give your arguments to them.

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This entry was posted on January 24, 2017 by in Action Items, Essay, Politics, Society.
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