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Monthly Archives: September, 2018

Honesty / Policy.

How many character flaws does one need before we end this bleak tragedy?

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The Recommendation List (Sept 2018).

A collection of art and media that I experienced for the first time in the month prior.

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Moral equivalency.

Three quotes and one question.

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If It Please The Committee.

What one could reasonably assume comes next in the campaign to exonerate Brett Kavanaugh.

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True Crime.

The common denominator between two murdered women in Iowa and one allegation in Washington.

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Wits and witnesses.

On the subject of Paul Manafort, state’s evidence.

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Why the NRA suddenly seems so upset about Thomas the Tank Engine.

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There is no resistance in the White House; only varying levels of complicity.

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We’re in Toronto for a lot longer than originally planned, and I’m going to try to look on the bright side of our journeys.

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