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Earlier this afternoon The New York Times shared an anonymous op-ed from somebody purporting to be a senior administration official, who labels themselves the “resistance” inside the White House because of the steps they have taken to override the Mad Hater’s worst leadership impulses. They also take great pains to say that there have been positive developments under this administration being covered poorly by the media. Historic tax reform! Deregulation! Increases in military spending!

I’m not linking to it. This is not an admirable human being and they should not be treated as such.

The Constitution has a 25th Amendment that was placed there specifically for the purposes of removing power from an executive unfit to wield it. The anonymous author instead describes a series of efforts to oppose and undermine a temperamentally volatile, paranoid individual whose loyalties extend no further than the tips of his tiny hands. And if their so-called “resistance” had ever been worth a damn there wouldn’t be nearly 500 migrant children still separated from their parents at the southern border.

“Brinkmanship” is the political tactic of allowing a situation to go as far to the edge of calamity as possible in order to achieve an advantage of some kind. The senior officials who are engaging in these actions — who are reassuring us that they remain the “adults in the room” — are allowing Trump to continue driving the car towards the ravine, running over as many of the poor and disenfranchised as appear in his path, spewing out as much toxic gas as he wishes from his misshapen engine. They will jump free from the carriage at the last minute, clutching suitcases filled with cash, claiming that they were only acting in the best interests of their country all along.

This is not “resistance.” It is brinkmanship. When they step into the voting booth this November they are going to vote straight-ticket Republican, as if the Republican Party was still an entity capable of fixing the damage it has already caused by empowering this thug in the first place.

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This entry was posted on September 5, 2018 by in History, Politics, Society.
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