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Monthly Archives: May, 2002

Mantra or Astro-Mantra?

A very short piece of mine is going to be produced as a part of Artistic Home Theatre’s annual “Cut to the Chase” festival at the beginning of July. This … Continue reading

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1950s flashbacks that I can’t logically be having.

I know, in my heart, that although a rationed dose of paranoia is one of the only truly reasonable modes of thought a sane mind can have, too much of … Continue reading

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Bitten something big. Attempting to chew.

Why? I don’t know, yet, but I agreed to write a ten minute play with at least two female characters in it by next Monday. At this point, I have … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions…

A few decisions made, a few still being contemplated. I made the phone call to the touring company, when I arrive at home I will find out if they called … Continue reading

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Darth Motivator.

Strange. Turns out, I had a lot to write about this week, but didn’t take the time to in fact write it. So now here is Friday and I’ve got … Continue reading

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Somewhere, Bast is smiling.

Remembered something else I wanted to mention… So, Wednesday night, I’m walking away from a preliminary 24-7 meeting, and I see this orange tabby cat walking around on the street. … Continue reading

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His veins were filled with chocolate pudding.

I’m still not sure why, but I have a driving urge within me to mention off the bat that I fully intended to post this entry yesterday afternoon, sometime between … Continue reading

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