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Somewhere, Bast is smiling.

Remembered something else I wanted to mention…

So, Wednesday night, I’m walking away from a preliminary 24-7 meeting, and I see this orange tabby cat walking around on the street. Thinking the cat is lost, and spying the collar around its neck, I decided to see if I could reunite the cat with its owners. I ended up chasing “Drago” down half a block, trying to coax him close enough to let me read the phone number around his neck. He would come close, walk away, do everything but make it easy for me to read his tag. Eventually, I got a hold of him long enough to see the tag, and, proud of myself for being a good samaritan and for now having a cellular phone to make the call, I asked Drago’s owners if they were missing a cat.

And then I discovered that I was standing in the cat’s front yard. The little creep had led me back home and made a fool of me, which I should have expected, he was, after all, a Cat, and anybody who tells you that cats are not clever, fiendish creatures with a sadistic sense of superiority rivaled only by those of mankind’s most legendary sociopaths, has no idea what they’re talking about.

Here endeth the lesson.

Current music: Soul Coughing, “El Oso”

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This entry was posted on May 10, 2002 by in Cats.
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