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Strange. Turns out, I had a lot to write about this week, but didn’t take the time to in fact write it. So now here is Friday and I’ve got a nice big entry that I’m still not going to write, because while much happened to me, I don’t feel quite up to discussing it at length. So I have a synopsis, I s’pose.

Last weekend, I went through the 24/7 Around the Clock Play Festival, an attempt to write, rehearse, and perform seven short plays within a span of 24 hours. The writing period ended up being both what I expected and yet, not. The original plan was that 14 writers would be randomly paired off and have eight hours to produce a twelve-minute script. The writers were to be at the theater no later than 11 pm on Saturday night; any who were there late were not to be a part of the project. At 10:55, only seven of us were there; so it appeared that we were going to be writing alone…something I breathed a slight sigh of relief at, since I was concerned that I might be paired with somebody who I’d end up fighting with the entire night. At 10:58, Playwright Eight showed up, so now we were to randomly decide which two playwrights were to be paired up. As it turned out, I ended up writing with the only other playwright I knew at the event; and while both of us were a little concerned with having to write with somebody we’d known for a year, it turned out to be the best scenario if we had to be paired up with anybody…at the very least, any personality or stylistic conflicts were already known, and we subconsciously worked around them with no arguments at all. And we wrote a weird, funny little piece about an eccentric building security guard.

(Strange, again. Despite earlier statement that I wasn’t feeling ready to write at length, now I seem to be doing just that.)

The show itself went very well for the circumstances, and I made a few new friends/connections out of the low-commitment experience.

Speaking of low commitment, I need to phone a company about auditioning for a touring production of AESOP’S FABLES. The tour would start in fall, and would go all over the Midwest. As a rule, I have previously not even considered touring companies, because I have a steady job that I can’t take off from for two months at a time. But the past few weeks, I have been observing how my impetus to do this job, and to do it well, is waning, and perhaps what I really need is to stop playing it safe and just go for it. Start saving money, go for the audition, and if I get in, I’ll have to say goodbye to this job, and start living like the people I know who are temping and waiting tables while they create art. I’m giving myself until tomorrow to decide once and for all.

Yesterday, I went to go see this independent art film about a boy and a girl who fall in love. And there was some weird backstory about a galactic Republic collapsing on itself under the weight of politics and a growing evil. It was pretty neat. I wonder if there are other films about these “Star Wars.”

(I sent an inaugural effort to the founders of the Random Reviews website reviewing this film; I hope it works for them. They’re friends of mine, though, so they might accept it anyway. My self-esteem remains confused.)

Is May really half over? What the hell happened?

Current music: Tori Amos, “to venus and back”

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