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Bitten something big. Attempting to chew.


I don’t know, yet, but I agreed to write a ten minute play with at least two female characters in it by next Monday. At this point, I have managed to co-write a ten-minute play with two women in it, in less than eight hours, but I feel like I agreed to something without being sure I could do it. Working feverishly within my head. Have a title, have three characters, not sure yet who they are or what the play is, not sure how to fit it to the title.

Luckily, I biked to and from work today, so I have the opportunity to think about it whilst I do that. Maybe I’ll even come up with something better.

This would, mind you, be a sight less complicated if I weren’t returning to the center of all cheesy goodness this weekend. Yes folks, that’s right, I’m going rafting again. And somewhere in the twelve hours of driving, the three hours of rafting, the X number of hours just hanging out and relaxing, I have to figure out what Bethany, Dawn, and Joey are doing in a play called “stale green, long yellow, running red”.

Current music: Morphine, “Yes”

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This entry was posted on May 23, 2002 by in Biking, Plays, Theatre, Travel, Vacation, Writing.
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