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Incorrect equation for a handshake.

The administration is grasping at straws again, trying to build a connection between Saddam and al-Qaida that so far they’ve been unable to adequately prove. So a voice “believed to … Continue reading

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Duct tape and cover.

Back in high school, the majority of my involvement in theatrical productions was as a member of the stage or prop crews. I even managed to earn myself the tougher-than-it-was … Continue reading

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The battle well and truly joined.

This morning, at a quarter til seven, I heard a songbird stretching its lungs. It took me a moment to realize that the streets at that hour have been deathly … Continue reading

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The Sims “Things Fall Apart!” Expansion Pack.

In all seriousness, have Electronic Arts and Maxis Interactive not realized the profit potential [1] of creating a game in which the Sims are forced to deal with the threat … Continue reading

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Unverified amounts.

Sometime last week, Homophobia was given a powerful ally in the form of–believe it or not–Rolling Stone magazine, founded by gay magazine publisher Jann Wenner. In case you missed the … Continue reading

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Five Days in Pacific Standard (Part One).

Before I begin transcribing my traveling log [1] from my recent vacation to Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I want to raise a glass and toast the murder charges brought … Continue reading

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That comes out of your pay, Cratchit.

Christmas Eve in the office and there are but four of us here. I’m only here because I said I would be, and as such, my manager left a few … Continue reading

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