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Monthly Archives: February, 2018

The limits of the First Amendment.

A flag, a family, and several bad decisions.

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Remaining mindful of certain trigger words.

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Because what I have is worth more than you think you have a right to.

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My regret and my rage.

“Intensity” versus “volatility.”

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Second Opinions.

So a man walks into a doctor’s office.

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Write Club is a monthly, literary bloodsport in which contenders face off against each other with 7-minute essays on competing topics. This was the combatant essay for KISS.

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The Numbers.

On statistical analysis and crisis response.

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Dictators Redux.

Here’s a grim reminder for you.

February 6, 2018 · 1 Comment

A good day to repeat this behavior.

Upon further examination, I notice a pattern.

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