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Dictators Redux.

In January of 1973, United States Ambassador Thomas Patrick Melady sent a telegram to the State Department in which he described the regime of Uganda’s Idi Amin as:

“Racist, erratic and unpredictable, brutal, inept, bellicose, irrational, ridiculous, and militaristic.”

idi_aminI first came across this description of an unstable strongman a year ago, and shared it with others as a lark, as yet another example of history repeating.

In the past three days President Spurious Maximus has told a crowd of Americans that legislators failing to applaud for him was tantamount to treason, and has earlier today ordered the Pentagon to assemble a “grand military parade.”

Nothing about this man is original. Nothing about this man is compelling. He is infuriating in part because he’s boring as hell. Like others before him, he adorns himself in gold and claims the strength of steel while lacking even enough tin to make the pot from which he intends to be dictator. He is a plot device, a mere prop, being used to tell the story of our own most egregious error.

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