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The limits of the First Amendment.

dixieDo not let anybody tell you that the convictions of Jose Torres and Kayla Norton in Georgia represent a First Amendment challenge. The pair were not charged, tried, and sentenced for yelling slurs and waving the Confederate flag. They were charged, tried, and sentenced for loading firearms, storming the birthday party of a black child, and declaring their intent to kill everybody there.

After driving around drunk.

For two straight days.

Because they were more offended that a state they didn’t even live in had removed a Confederate flag from a government building, than they were about the horrific, senseless massacre in Charleston that had prompted the state to make the long-overdue decision.

Besides the victims, the only people I feel sorry for are the three children whose well-being Torres and Norton couldn’t prioritize over their own hatred.

People often offer the hypothetical of falsely yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater as a reasonable limitation on free speech. “Driving around drunk and armed for two days and then threatening the lives of parents and children at a birthday party specifically under the banner of racism” ought to clear that threshold by at least a few inches.

This is not free speech. It’s terrorism.

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This entry was posted on February 28, 2018 by in History, Politics, Society.
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