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My regret and my rage.


I worked with Dream Theatre Company as an actor on two shows in 2003, and failed to recognize at that time how what was billed as “intensity” was in fact “volatility.” The last time I saw anything they produced I was told of onstage violence that had been taken far beyond any measure of safety. These red flags seemed to have metastasized into something even more horrific since the last time I had contact with their Artistic Director.

The article linked above is the result of several courageous people coming forward to tell their stories, was spurred by the realization that the company had left Chicago and were planning to set up shop again near Atlanta. Hopefully, that door has been closed for them.

I’m still connected to a handful of people who worked here at the same time as me. They can decide for themselves how much or how little they want to see these names or faces again.

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This entry was posted on February 22, 2018 by in Action Items, Chicago, Mental Health, Society, Theatre.
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