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A good day to repeat this behavior.


Recently scratched an uncertain itch to watch most of the Worf-centered episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Amused by how often the narrative device turned into:

PICARD or RIKER: Mr. Worf. Something seems to be interfering with your duty.

WORF: It is nothing.

PICARD or RIKER: It doesn’t seem like nothing.

WORF: I am troubled by something related to my Klingon heritage, fatherhood, or both.

PICARD or RIKER: I am deeply understanding. Here is an anecdote about a similar difficulty from the perspective of a human.

WORF: I am Klingon. You would not understand.

PICARD or RIKER: I think it would do you well to be relieved of duty for this episode while you figure out your issues, Mr. Worf. And be aware: We may or may not decide that the Federation should get involved.

WORF: I am grateful.

PICARD or RIKER: But when you return, I expect you to perform your duties with the acumen of a skilled Starfleet officer.

WORF: Understood. It will not happen again.

(Several episodes pass. It happens again.)

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