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Hearts and flowers and bloody martyrdom.

A Valentine’s Day couplet:

Celebrate this day in its grand tradition!
Torture to death a noble Christian!

Thank you, thank you.

So we arrive at yet another Singles Awareness Day, and I’m starting to wonder what it was I thought I was missing all those years that I had nobody to love on this day. Mind you, it’s nice to be with somebody on this day of enforced affection, but with three of them under my belt, I feel like all the Vaseline on the lens has been wiped away. Should I love my girlfriend more on this day than I have in the days leading up to it? Why? Although it is encouraging that on this day and on Christmas, Christians and pagans can combine their traditions in the spirit of selling greeting cards and gifts to a brainwashed public, especially in these times of hate and fear, I can’t understand any longer why it is that I felt I was missing something by not specifically having Valentine’s Day to share with someone.

Current music: MP3 list, The Smiths, “Oscillate Wildly”

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This entry was posted on February 14, 2003 by in Love.
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