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neologoNo, the Neo-Futurists did not call tonight.

However, I know that they have their weekly meetings–in which they discuss and write the new plays for that week–on Tuesday nights. Perhaps the final decision is to be made tomorrow, and I’ll find out Wednesday.

I have to remember that I was not only being judged on the callback audition piece and the interview, but also on the initial audition and three additional writing samples that I had handed in, so it is unreasonable to assume that there would be quick turnaround, especially in terms of casting for this show. TMLMTBGB is the longest-running show in Chicago; its design as a random and self-redefining show means that it could continue indefinitely. Being asked to join the show is also being asked to join the company, which carries further expectations in terms of the ensemble and direction of the art.

Choosing a new participant in such a thing is not a light endeavor.

So I shall chill out.

Until the next time my cellphone rings, and the next time, and the time after that, until I finally know one way or another.

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