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Still not sure it’s real.


If it’s Sunday night (Monday morning) at 12:15 am, if you’re already in bed and most of the way to sleep, and the phone rings…

…it’s either bad news, a wrong number, or a drunk dial.

Relevant transcript as best as I remember it:

“Hello Bilal, this is Heather with the Neo-Futurists. I’m sorry to call so late, but we just got out of our meeting, and I wanted to call to let you know¬†you have been cast.

(Ahem. Emphasis mine.)

So the only real question I have is what lesson I should have learned from this. Did I learn that good things happen only after you’ve lost all hope or that good things happen so one shouldn’t lose hope?

Yeah, I’ll ponder that later. In the meantime I will simply sit here and visibly glow.

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