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Ye Gods.

neologoThings I thought I knew, episode #548.

I thought I knew what happened to new ensemble members during their first week of the show. I based this presumption entirely on watching Dean’s first weekend, in which his participation was light, requiring him to perform one monologue he’d written himself and do another monologue entirely as pre-recorded voiceover, with a brief, one-line appearance in another play.

But then again, last week there were only five new plays going in. This week there are twice that number.

This week I’m appearing in almost one-third of the plays on the menu. There are not only lines to memorize, there is not only blocking and prop setting to be memorized, there is choreography. I have until Friday night to be ready to perform, with no cast rehearsals in between.

At least I’m not expecting half the people I know to be in attendance this weekend. Oh. Right.

Nervous smile. Nervous chuckle. Internal scream. Internal calming down. External scream. I’m lying about that last one.

The show must be performed and so I will perform it. Hell, I might even perform it well.

External scream. No. Still lying about that. Although it would be funny from here in my cubicle.

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