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Olly olly oxen free.


There’s a story from The Hundred Years’ War, most likely apocryphal, that one morning both the French and English armies ran out to meet each other on the battlefield, and then watched as a single hare, frightened out of its wits, scampered across the field in between them. Both armies began to laugh at this spectacle, and then decided, independent of any conversation, to go back to their camps for the day, before coming back the next day to slaughter each other.

For one day, the absurdity of war rang as clear as bells in the eyes and minds of sworn enemies. For one day, it was though they were children again, realizing that when you were playing at swords with other children, if you hurt your playmate you had simply gone too far.

I keep opening the front page of CNN and hoping that I’ll read a headline likeĀ ISRAELI ARMY AND HEZBOLLAH SPONTANEOUSLY HALT CONFLICT, REMEMBER THAT NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF IT.

I keep hoping that people will surprise me.

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This entry was posted on July 15, 2006 by in History, Politics, Society.
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