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Ten Things I Might Tell My High School Self, Were I Back In Time

1) Not only is nothing you’re experiencing worth killing yourself over, it’s not even worth talking about killing yourself over. You’ll go through worse than this. And that won’t be worth killing yourself over, either.

2) Try to get in shape now. It gets so much harder when you’re older.

3) Mom and Pop don’t mean any of it personally. But they don’t express themselves very well at all.

4) Don’t lose track of your siblings. They miss you when you’re not around.

5) Pay strict attention to all due dates.

6) Stop over-thinking the ways that things could go wrong. Don’t over-think the way that things could go right.

7) Floss, for godsakes.

8) Persistence pays off. Insistence does not.

9) When Adam asks you to exit so he can find a bathroom, start slowing down right then and then take the next exit.

10) Learn all of the following things while you still have time to take classes: how to maintain a car, how to cook for yourself and others, and HTML.

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