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Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

Confidence games.

Finally, yesterday, finally I awoke with the distinct feeling that Contraption may turn out to be a very good show.

Understand, as usual, that all of this is on me. I have had little to no complaint with anybody else working on this project–all are competent, game, and extremely talented people who agreed to get on this runaway train and have done an incredible job of not jumping off. This is more of my own nonsensical automated response system, which quietly nibbled at my ear and warned me that in private all of these people are grumbling discontentedly at the vile mound of putrescence I expect them to polish.

I don’t consider myself a gullible person. This isn’t to say I haven’t fallen for simple ruses before, just that I try to maintain a healthy working relationship with suspicion.

scam-artistIt extends, unfortunately, to myself as well. So when I hear something tell me that last week’s rehearsals were incredibly fulfilling, and that I’m actually doing a decent job of hammering this thing into shape, my initial response is something akin to “What’s your angle, pal?”

“No angle,” it says. “Just paying you a compliment.”
“Horsefeathers,” I reply. “You’re playing me. What’s in it for you, hm? What’s your scam, here?”
“Seriously, man, no scam. You’re doing a good job. It’s a pretty cool show you’ve got going on here.”
“You’re remembering something,” I say, my eyes narrowing. “You’re remembering something I’ve completely forgotten.”
“No, I–”
“You want me to get complacent. You want to see me fall on my face.”
“Fine. Never mind. Go to hell. See if I pay you a compliment again.”
“Don’t get all offended just because I caught you in a lie. You go to hell.”

My growth is that this conversation no longer paralyzes me completely.

It’s a good show. It’s turned into a really fun little show and the actors and designers are having a blast making it happen.

You should come see it. More details to come.

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