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Mixed messages.

crownBarack Obama is “arrogant,” yeah? He portrays a heavy contrast to his opponent, who must be incredibly humble and down-to-Earth to consider himself the only choice worthy of leading 300 million people.

And “arrogance” is a bad thing, right? We wouldn’t want somebody “arrogant” to be President of a populace that regularly disparages other nations as clueless when they disagree with our policy positions, or a nation that has a proud history of meddling in the affairs of other nations through military force if necessary? All of the people wearing “America: Love It Or Leave It” bumper stickers on their unabashedly gargantuan gas-guzzling road machines would never vote for somebody so “arrogant.” America may be Number One In Perpetuity Throughout The Universe, but we would never deign to elect a leader who might be “arrogant.”

And the reason he’s arrogant is because he’s a “celebrity,” and as we all know, “celebrities” are useless idiots who aren’t anything like you or me. That’s why nobody buys People or Us, that’s why nobody would be willing to shell out thousands of dollars to watch one of them in flagrante delicto or to see what their babies look like. We don’t care what they have to say, we don’t care about their values, we don’t care about them one way or the other. We’d certainly never elect somebody to the office of, say, Governor of California, or President of the United States, based solely on their star power or ability to draw a crowd. We don’t get dazzled by that stuff. We want real people. People you can sit down and have a beer with and tell off-color jokes. Those are the sorts of people you need in the command chair during a crisis.

Also, “celebrities” are supposed to be “role models” for our children and Americans are appalled that some of them may have problems with drugs or alcohol or marital infidelity. Real American people don’t have these problems, and if we weren’t so busy being genuine, ordinary people we’d be role models ourselves. But we don’t have time for that, we’re too busy working our real jobs; so you celebrities–whose political opinions are meaningless and vapid, by the way–need to be on your best behavior so my kid doesn’t grow up to bum our cigarettes and drink entire bottles of our prized scotch when they visit us and our third trophy wives on alternate weekends.

We are America. Do as we demand, not as we are.

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This entry was posted on August 8, 2008 by in Politics, Society.
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