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Waiting in the wings.


The office of Vice President is, in part, an insurance policy…they stand at the ready to assume the mantle of President if the President cannot continue their duties.

For the past year, Republicans and Clinton supporters have been slamming Barack Obama for lacking the experience necessary to be President.

And then John McCain picks as his second-in-command, his successor if something should go wrong, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, who has all of two years experience outside of being a small-town mayor and councilwoman.

I have no opinion on Palin as a person or as a candidate at this time. But did the McCain camp decide that the “experience” thing isn’t worth harping on anymore? Or are they hoping nobody else catches the contradiction? Or are they banking on grabbing those die-hard Clinton supporters who cared less about Clinton the candidate and more about Clinton the gender symbol?

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This entry was posted on August 29, 2008 by in History, Politics, Society.
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