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We walk the dogs down Albion towards the lake. We run into a small parade celebrating the Peruvian Lord of the Miracles holiday. A Sicilian marching band plays a three-song cycle of mournful dirges behind the altar. A pair of black doves, released at the outset of the parade, remain atop the icon, seemingly more content with the current surroundings than the mysteries of the open sky. We watch a small child, oblivious to the event, spinning around a STOP sign. The Red Line crawls past on the nearby bridge. There are For Rent signs on the apartments. Every half block the icon is lowered and the small crowd, shuffling alongside, lets out applause, and individuals in purple robes bring infant children to the face of the Latina Mary, holding the tiny Christ child in her arms.

My wife turns to me and tells me Look. Look at that. Look at this. Now look at that.

This is a Chicago moment, she says to me.

I can only agree.

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This entry was posted on October 19, 2008 by in Chicago, Love.
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