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Game Plan.

hope_obamaMy ballot is filled and ready to be transcribed into the official record. We’re fortunate enough to live right across the street from our polling place, so Dana and I will be waking up tomorrow at 5:30 and walking over to stand in what will hopefully be a very tiny line.

At 7:00, Chloë, Caitlin, and I will be driving to Indianapolis to help the Obama campaign get out the vote, before coming back to Chicago and joining the throngs in Grant Park for what we all hope will be history in progress.

Because the best football coaches will remind you that the contest lasts sixty minutes. Often, and unfortunately, they will remind their team of this after they have suffered an embarrassing collapse sometime in the last five minutes of play. They will remind their team of this while hurling clipboards across the locker room.

Because the best salesmen will remind you to Always Be Closing.

Because 2004 was enough heartbreak to last me for the next twenty years.

Because John McCain and Sarah Palin may be reasonably adept at lampooning themselves on Saturday Night Live and may be old pros at calling people traitors and socialists in front of frothing crowds of hate-filled maniacs, but neither talent qualifies them to be placed at the helm of America, a ship that’s been steered dangerously off-course for eight years.

Because whatever I may have written here or elsewhere has been the least I can do, and the least I can do really isn’t going to be enough to make me proud to tell my kids what we did in 2008.

Because I believe in this man Barack Obama. Because I believe he is ready to face the challenge of leadership and because I believe we are ready to face the challenge of our better nature, again.

Because we can and we will.

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