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The Dickens.


Last night we performed a full run, almost entirely without stopping, of A Very Neo-Futurist Christmas Carol; we have a few tiny technical things that need tweaking and some transitions were a little less crisp than we otherwise wished, but otherwise we are ready for our first audiences.

Neither a traditional interpretation of the Dickens classic, nor a sickly-sweet holiday show, nor a deliberately arch counter-Christmas show, A Very Neo-Futurist Christmas Carol uses the original literature as a springboard to explore Dickens’ themes of loneliness, regret, want, misery, and kindness in our own lives past, present, and future. There is music, there is laughter, there are beggars and billionaires. There is both Victoriana and Obamania. There are politics and there is pudding. Contains adult language and themes. Not a family show unless you have a really, really open-minded family.

In addition to the written work I have contributed to the piece I am also appearing onstage as the Ghost of Christmas Future, a role with few lines but lots of trademark Ominous Looming, as well as a delightful surprise or two.

I am very proud of this show and of my involvement in it. I think you should come see it. Previews are this Thursday, November 20 and Friday, November 21; both performances have a pay-what-you-can admission; and if you really want to come to either preview but can’t even pay what you can, then let me know and I’ll get you a comp ticket.

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