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Below is a Flip-video recorded, iMovie-edited, one-take-only film of cognito/communicado, a play I wrote for Too Much Light last year and which I decided to commit to video for purposes of sharing it on the World Theatre Day tumblelog. It’s not only one of the TML plays I’m proudest of creating, it also ranks fairly high on the scale of theatrical works I’ve ever created ever (or the ECE scale, which is carefully monitored by a crack team of scientists in Reykjavik, Iceland).

I’m trying very hard to push the Neo-Futurists into doing more like this–we also recorded Greg Allen’s Mr. Science Demonstrates Othello and John Pierson’s A Playground That Is Dark and Gray–more, and hopefully with better production values, so you may see more like this later. I imagine there might be a small aesthetic argument as to whether or not creating film out of our work means we’re no longer doing theatre, but to me the question seems mostly academic.

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This entry was posted on March 29, 2009 by in Neo-Futurists, Plays, The Internet, Theatre, Writing.
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