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Another lurching step out of the muck.


Speaking of evolution, a round of applause for the State Supreme Court of Iowa, which decreed today that their gay marriage ban was unconstitutional.

Specifically and unemotionally: The state of Iowa decreed that it was against all American principles to deny a segment of its population the legal rights it affords to all other Iowa citizens. The state of Iowa has no jurisdiction over the rules of a church, and churches that refuse to perform or recognize gay marriages are within their rights to do so (and to suffer or profit from that stance in whatever ways there are to suffer or profit, be they in congregation size or donated income).

Not that this distinction will mean anything to the usual angry mobs moaning about the downfall of society and the wrath of God. Victories like these always come with the caveat that the backlash will be of a massive nature, and when you let your guard down you end up getting sucker-punched by travesties like Prop 8.

Yesterday I read an article about the recent defacement of bus ads aimed at promoting health and well-being within Chicago’s gay community. The ads seemed trite and the vandalism perfunctory, at worst. It’s the seven pages of almost uniformly ugly reaction in the comments that I think painted a better portrait of the current nature of this fight.

“I don’t hate gays, but ______.”

But their behavior is unnatural.

But their sex acts are disgusting.

But they are not what God intended.

Despite my distaste for such self-serving dishonesty–you actually do hate gays, bunk–there’s something very encouraging about knowing that many such people have had to, consciously or unconsciously, adopt this mode of personal defense. Whether they want to admit it or not, they know that this is a battle they will probably lose, that as we slough towards continuing human enlightenment their screeching and picketing and sloganeering will find less traction, will ultimately slide off the precipice into the same obsolescence that claimed notions such as the Flat Earth. “I don’t hate gays but” is a hedged bet, a dwindling fortress from which the tired old soldiers hurl smaller and smaller rocks and reminisce about the old days when the ammunition stores seemed to contain unlimited fire arrows and polished silver ballista. You say you don’t hate gays because you’re afraid of being left alone, of being shunned by the rest of society when you realize that they don’t all feel the same way as you do.

How deliciously ironic, say I, to have the homophobes slowly shoved into the same closet that used to house the subjects of their derision.

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